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Nithi Steel Industries L.L.C

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Nithi Steel Industries L.L.C provides complete architectural & ornamental metal fabricators & coating solutions. We have the diversity of projects, allied to our skills in providing light and decorative fabrication, has enabled us to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist in all aspects of our clients requirements from initial concept, through design and production of CAD drawings, to manufacture a product, whether one-off, prototype or batch work.

We provide all types of Customized Metal Fabrication Services like Electroplating, Hand Painting, Metal Finishes, Shades & Textures, Metal Polishing for Stainless Steel to Mirror, Brush and Hairline Finishing & Re-treatment of used Materials. It includes Electroplating services such as Nickel Coating, Chrome Plating, Gold Plating, Brass Plating, Copper Plating, etc & also we can do antiques in copper with different brass texture finish.

Nithi Steel Industries L.L.C

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