About Us

Nithi Group is a fast growing, well- recognized business group in UAE having its presence in Middle East with a strong base of satisfied customers. The group had a very modest beginning in the year 2008 with business of Trading, Architectural fabrication in metal and also in Metal Coating. In the span of 8 Years, our group has spread it's wings and today, under the Group there are vividly diversified business segments ranging from supply of procurement and management for large Engineering, Powering, Oil & Gas Industries, Manufacturing Industries and other items for various Industries, export and import of wide range of technical and non technical products.We provide Architectural and Ornamental fabrication for interior and exterior industries.With a fully-equipped facility, We offer various shades of antique finishes on metals. The group has many ambitious plans to foray into many new promising segments in near future.

Our Companies

nithi international trading llc

Nithi International Trading LLC as a company specialized in project supply,Procurement and Management for large Engineering, Powering and Manufacturing Industries and a leading supplier of building material and Global Procurement services provider.

noqtat al ebdaa steel & welding

Noqtat Al Ebdaa Steel & Welding cater to any Fabrication requirements in Architectural and Ornamental fabrication for interior and exterior industries,Kitchen equipment, Stainless Steel/Brass/Copper/M.S/ & Aluminium fabrication.

ain khat metal coating products

Ainkhat Metal coating provides high quality metal finishing services and job works in the Middle East. We offer various shades of Gold, Brass, Copper, Silver and antique finishes on metals.


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Custom made Furnitures

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Bespoke designs